Our soldiers

Research was carried out into the men from the village who served and died, mainly through the War Graves Commission information, census information, war service records, and local knowledge where it still exsited after 100 years. We were able to find out where they lived in the village, some details about their lives, what they did in the forces, where they died and where they are remembered.


Although we had little initial personal recollection details of the men before the exhibition, many visitors who came were related, some coming from other parts of Norfolk, and we have gained further information. It is likely that a further exhibition will take place in 2018 to commemorate the end of WW1.


Here are the names of our soldiers who fought. Those who died are highlghted in red. To learn more about their lives and service click on their name. The names in brackets are the two men inscribed on the War Memorial about whom we have found no information.

B Abraham

L Abraham

A C Barsted

B Barsted

F S Barsted

W F Barsted

J Beckett

W Beckett

H J Brown

H Chapman

J Childs

A F Codling

A Codling

B Codling

C Codling

H Codling

P Codling

E W Codling

J Codling

G H Cooper

J W Cooper

C Cock

W Craske

D Davidson

H B Ducker

H Ducker

N Ducker

A D Eke

F W Eke

C Eke

H B Eke

E J English

C English

J English

H C Fish

F W Fish

H J Fisher

H C Fisher

J W Fisher

A W Holsey

E E Holsey

E W Holsey

J W Holsey

A Howard

H Jex

A Lambert

F W Leaman

B Leman

H C Lockett

F R Long

R J Long

E Margetson

B Mears

G Mears

S C Mears

H S Moy

A Pratt

F Pengilley

C A Porter

C P C Porter

A Reeve

C A Reeve

H W Reeve

A R Smith

C R Smith

E W Smith

A E Strike

E A Strike

J W Strike

A Walton

C Walton

E Webster

C A White

J White

R J White

C Williamson

J Winterbottom

D Worship

(J Harvey)

(H Wickens)


Where they lived

See where the soldiers lived in Hindolveston

Where they fought

See where our soldiers fought in WW1 from France to the Middle East

Commonwealth War Graves Commission

Visit this website to trace the 1,700,000 men and women who died in the two world wars