The Exhibition

The exhibition was open for the full day of Sunday 10th August, this being the nearest Sunday to the start of WW1. Tea and cakes and other food following period recipes were available and the day concluded with readings, poems and songs popular from the war years. A vistors' book was kept. Local children made paper poppies and flowers to decorate the exhibits.


The main display information produced for each man who died will be shown in the church on the nearest Sunday to his death for the next 4 years.


People currently living in the village were asked to contribute any memorabilia about their relatives who fought in the war. This produced an extensive and interesting display. To set the scene, there were photographs, maps and census details for the village circa 1914 and an impression shown of life in the trenches and the WW1 battlefields today.



Photos of the exhibition

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WW1 video compilation

We've compiled a video of WW1 footage shown on the day to set the scene

Trenches and battlefields today

View these images, displayed at the exhibition